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"Measuring success"

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Selecting Technology Products
     and Service Providers

   metriQuality's Vendor Risk Management Program helps you find solution providers you can trust and rely on.

   We verify vendors claims pertaining to the confidentiality, integrity, and availabilty of their products and services.

   Selecting vendors according to your criteria only helps when contract performance can be enforced and verified.

   Elements of selection criteria we typically evaluate, includes:

  • Security
    • How often are patches released on software or firmware updates?
    • What common components are used from external libraries as dependencies?
    • Are secure transport protocols being used, and if so, what standards are used for cryptographic functions?
    • Are user roles sufficiently fine-grained to be compatible with policy requirements?
    • Are data accessed directly from a datasource, or is an interface or API used to govern data access?
  • Cost
    • One of the least-considered cost factors pertains to change management.
    • What is the cost for upgrades and maintenence?
    • How much would it cost to change technologies or vendors if that was in the best interest of an organization?
  • Regulatory compliance
    • How well does a product record events for auditing and/or troubleshooting issues?
    • Are service providers properly vetted, trained, and supervised?
    • What if any attestations by independent auditors are available for review?  
  • Operational efficiency
    • Does the product or service create bottlenecks which impede the performance of business processes or are prohibitively expensive to integrate with other technologies or require external specialists?
  • Business value realization
    • If marketing claims such as, "this will improve your bottom line, protect your customers' data, etc." are the primary reasons for justifying a purchase, how can these be quantifiably measured over its lifetime?

   In addition, we provide project management and professional services to assist in standing up new technologies and successfully integrating them into your everyday business processes and company culture.


   metriQuality does not recommend or resell specific products or service providers to our clients.