Measuring success

"Measuring success"

metriQuality, USA

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Information Security &
IT Compliance Services

  • Gather and produce required documentation

  • Write policies and procedures

  • Design and reengineer IT processes

  • Manage risks of Business Impacts

  • Monitor compliance with Service-Level Agreements for customers and vendors

  • Teach developers how to write secure code

  • Evaluate software tools and services for information security and compliance controls

  • Identify sensitive data and govern access and destruction

  • Negotiate audit plans, schedules, and test procedures with auditors

  • Conduct security awareness training sessions

  • Analyze vulnerabilities and implement practical solutions

  • Control change by capturing and comparing infrastructure configurations

  • Assure Business Continuity by testing Disaster Recovery Plans


Our Practical Approach to Audit Preparation

   It is unfortunate that independent audits are necessary to convince customers and business partners that we can fulfill the promises we make.
It's not because we can't trust one other -- but we all depend upon so many parties these days it can be difficult to know who we're trusting with our data.

   Auditors act as a proxies for your customers, independently assessing a company's business processes regarding information security and the effectiveness of compliance controls.

   The standards and guidelines are similar for every organization entrusted to manage other people's data -- regardless of company size. This may seem unfair to smaller companies, but having metriQuality on your team levels the playing field by streamlining the audit process more efficiently than large enterprises can. 

   Practical Tip #1:
Higher standards costs less, not more.

    Setting the bar low can be very tempting when time is running out and resources are scarce.

   We help you meet or exceed the same standards offered by your competitors, but we emphasize maximizing ROI by building in measurable business value. This requires a sustainable program specifically designed to accomplish that goal. Checking audit tasks off a list of requirements may help, but that's not the right way to structure your business operations, prioritize your resources, or sustain long-term gains.

   Practical Tip #2:
Make sure "what's fixed, stays fixed"

    Cost-effective monitoring can only be achieved through automating processes. Nearly every audit task will be repeated. Knowing which tasks to automate saves time, reduces errors, and documents the effectiveness of controls. This allows organizations to spend more of their time managing their business instead of overseeing whether critical activities have been carried out. 

   Practical Tip #3:
Someone has to do the work, and metriQuality is waiting for your call to action.

    Like a general contractor, we manage all facets of compliance and information security, filling gaps and implementing solutions. When we need the help of your staff, we minimize unwanted disturbance by planning the time wisely and providing time-saving tools and expertise.
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